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Project Description

Air Wick


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Be Design was contracted by Momentum Worldwide to design the spatial elements of the Air Wick experiential stand at The Carols in the Domain in Sydney.

  • Concept Development

  • Design Visualisation

  • Technical Drawings

  • Event Styling


The strategy was to create and immersive multi-sensory festive experience that reflected the main event, activated brand and showcased a new range of scented Air Wick Black candles.  The experience was attended by thousands members of the public who had come to enjoy the main event. The public was invited to have their photograph taken in the themed green screen,  that digitally transformed their images to a magical Christmas world. These images were then uploaded onto Facebook and  printed as personalised Christmas cards. The curved marquee, complete with traditional Christmas iconography and a custom designed Christmas tree made of the Air Wick Black Edition candles, was very popular on the day providing a unique brand presence for the major sponsor.

Concept Development
Design Visualisation
Technical Drawings
Event Styling