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A Bit About Me

I am  keen to scuba diver and traveller. I started out in production design and quickly transitioned into experiential events.  I love to explore the intersection of performance and design to create meaningful, impactful experiences that inspire wonder and well-being in people’s lives.

I graduated from UNSW Art & Design with a Masters in design in 2015. I have strong research skills coupled with a can-do attitude.I am known in the industry for my warm friendly manner, quirky sense of humour and absolute dedication to providing premium quality work.  This has resulted in an impressive portfolio of high profile works that includes over 200 experiential exhibitions and events. The work ranges  from experiential marketing campaigns, corporate events, shopping centre activations and major public events.

I also Lecture in design at UNSW Art & Design and the Design Centre Enmore. My academic profile can be found here Bernadett Butson.

Our Process