Rainbow Nation_

Transformation through Experience_

For nearly a decade, BE-design partnered with Forum Group Events to create multi-sensory immersive experiences for South African tourism. These events were held in all the Capital Cities across Australia and New Zealand connecting target audiences to the brand by immersing them in South African cultural experiences.

BE-design headed up the Strategy and Creative for all these events.  Be also toured with many of these events to oversee the Creative Direction and design.

The design journey began with a deep dive into the culture of South Africa exploring the food, beverages, people, spaces, rituals and traditions and unique stories of South Africa. The target demographic for these campaigns was Tourist agents, Media groups, Social media influencers and Expatriates.

The strategic focus of the campaigns was to move beyond superficial stereotypical perceptions of South Africa to uncover the unique idiosyncratic cultural nuances that would connect Australian and New Zealand audiences to the Brand, through truly authentic memorable immersive experiences.

These were transformative moments aimed to turn attendees into brand ambassadors and raving fans of the South African lifestyle .

Results that count!_


The results did not disappoint. The events were overwhelmingly successful with skyrocketing ticket sales for flights to South Africa and major travel partners. Sponsors included South African Airlines,


The events not only guaranteed partners exceptional ROI but they help transform and reposition the cultural perception of South Africa in Australia and New Zealand from a potentially dangerous location to travel, to a unique, culturally diverse, welcoming, adventurous yet safe, not to be missed, destination.


Check out the pictures of these immersive, memorable events that helped transform the messaging of South African Tourism to a Adventure filled, Welcoming cultural destination for the Australian and New Zealand market.