Rhodes shopping centre commissioned TCC in partnership with BE-design to design and produce a spectacular Santa set. void decorations and centre wide decorations for the newly refurbished shopping precinct.  The brief called for an enchanted golden Christmas design


The design responce was an immersive multi-sensory Christams experience called Destination Xmas. Destination Xmas was a fresh, immersive approach to seasonal design, combining the latest in modern design trends, sophisticated lighting and textural elements, with traditional Christmas iconography. The design embraces the centre’s commitment to creating vibrant experiences by generating a sense of magic, warmth and vitality.

Through the rich layers of bespoke foliage and a contemporary colour palette, the design celebrated Rhodes’ unique sense of place by drawing reference from the native flora and its waterside local. The nostalgic yet modern design welcomed visitors to the centre, inviting them to engage in the celebration of this magical season.

Work by BE-design

Concept Design
Design visualsiation
Technical drawings