The Strand Arcade


BE-design partnered with Mathew Shaw from V2M to design the Strand Arcade centre-wide Christmas decorations. The design took inspiration from a mood board that was provided by Alex Perry. The concept focused on capturing the elegance, luxury and old-world charm of this historic building.


The result was an iconic design that centralised around a large Christmas Tree, that spanned all three levels of the building. The entire space was illuminated with the warm glow of fairy lights and flowers in full bloom. Delicate harmonies of classical music filled the air, and the foliage was treated with the fragrances of cinnamon and spruce. This multi-sensory design was carefully crafted to evoke strong emotions of nostalgia, reflecting memories of a bygone era through a magical immersive experience.

The base of the tree integrated placemaking design considerations, weaving its way into the cultural vernacular of Sydney. It became commonplace to use the tree as a meeting zone for people to connect in the city.

The luxurious, custom-designed leather circular seating bank offered customers a welcoming space to pause, offering respite from their busy Christmas shopping schedules. The tree and surrounding decorations were one of Sydney’s most celebrated Christmas experiences and became a historic design artifact of Sydney.

The Strand Arcade Christmas decorations are a legacy item I am proud to have created with Mathew. A gift to the people of Sydney.

Work by be-design

Concept Design
Design Visualisation
Technical Drawings